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DISC Personality Tests

Discover your disc personality profile to build more effective teams in your workplace.

Disc Personality Tests and Debrief

Our disc personality test reveals your disc personality profile in your DISC factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These guide your behaviour towards others. Our debrief helps you understand yourself and your employees to build better teams.

Disc Personality Profile

The DISC Assessment was created in 1956 by Walter Clarke. It’s a behavioural assessment tool that allows us to better understand the differences between us. There are four personality and corresponding behaviour types:

●     Dominance
●     Influence
●     Steadiness
●     Compliance

These personality profiles can help you better understand your employees and what motivates them in their role. Our debrief gives valuable insights into underlying issues holding back growth.

Why Businesses Should Use DISC Personality Tests

●     Create more effective leaders
●     Enhance employee selection and recruitment
●     Build effective teams and communications
●     Improve every sales and service outcome

Awardaroo has helped us improve customer satisfaction levels more generally not just improve call outcomes and take more bookings.
Mark Rogers, General Manager
Langstone Cliff Hotel
Using Awardaroo contributed to us winning the ‘Best Estate Agent Guide 2018 – Exceptional’. The staff that engaged with the service really saw the benefits in improved call outcomes.

Essential For Effective Team Building

Our disc personality tests with an expert debrief can help you build more effective teams. They ensure you’re recruiting the best employees for the job and your team. They help you understand motivators and navigate them, allowing you to maximise the value of your current staff. 

This allows you to ensure the management style is the best fit for your team and business goals. In turn, this reduces staff turnover, recruitment costs, business productivity and customer service levels.

Are Disc Personality Tests right for your company?

If you want to better understand yourself, your staff and build better teams, ABSOLUTELY. Get in touch today to begin your online assessment.

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