How Can Marketing Support Boost Sales?

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November 3, 2011

How can marketing support boost sales?

Nestle has revealed its 4.1% increase in sales during the first 9 months of 2011 was largely down to marketing support and brand improvement.

Sales of Nestle products, which include Nescafe coffee and KitKat chocolate bars, increased by 4.1% to £42.9 billion in the 9 months leading to 30 September this year.

The main reason for this rise is said to have been because of “constant renovation” of its product range.

This is something Awardaroo can certainly relate to, as we have experience of helping clients improve their companies through evaluating their products, processes and services – only this way can firms be sure they are providing relevant offerings that meet the business environment, market trends and customer demands.

Awardaroo supports business growth in three key ways: leads generation, customer retention and improved sales conversions.

More leads can be created for businesses through market research and measuring marketing ROI. By being aware of the latest and emerging market movements, companies can adapt products and services in-line with this to make sure customers’ needs are met. This also means opportunities can be maximised.

Our business decision support complements this too, enabling clients to see what’s happening inside their company in real-time in terms of staff performance and processes. This in turn boosts their competitive edge and provides an improvement in sales conversions because of this increased sales staff performance and more streamlined operations. Find out how we achieve it all with our business improvement programme.

About Paul Freudenberg

Paul Freudenberg is a business productivity coach and consultant with a focus on operational excellence delivering improved profitability and business performance, and Founder of Awardaroo in 2005. Paul has set the mission of Awardaroo to help raise UK Business Productivity from one of the lowest in the G7 to one of the highest by 2030. Connect on LinkedIn


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