How To Track Leads With Revenue Intelligence

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May 2, 2013

How to track leads with revenue intelligence

Do you convert all the leads you can? Would you like to convert more?

Have you ever thought about how you generate your leads?

If asked how they generate leads most people will respond ‘well, advertising of course’. Think about it more carefully. Leads don’t just come from television adverts. They come from a variety of different places, often we don’t even consider where these come from.

You can get new customers from Mrs Jones’ cousin’s brother…

Yes, more often referred to as word of mouth, your customers and clients will tell people if they have received a great customer experience from your company. They will tell even more if they don’t.

You get new leads from advertising

You know this one already – probably because you consciously decide to advertise and more often than not will pay good money for the privilege. Whether you advertise on TV on in a local parish magazine you are still advertising and usually with the sole objective of getting new business.

Brand awareness can also find you new customers

You get more business than you think through repeated exposure to your brand. Whether it is seeing people with bags with your shop name emblazoned upon them, or whether it is from seeing your shop feed appearing on social media sites, the more exposure a potential client gets to your brand the more familiar they feel and the more willing they are to trust you to provide the service or product that you want in return for their hard earned pay.

Past clients can mean new business

Clients that have used your products or services in the past and had a good experience are likely to use your business again. In fact repeat clients are one of the most cost effective ways of getting new business so it’s down to you to make sure their experience with your business is a great one. Also, it is these clients that are most likely to tell Mrs Jones’ cousin’s brother.

What’s the one thing all these have in common?

Once you have invested your time in building brand awareness, spent money advertising your business and ensure that your customer service is memorable (for all the right reasons) what is the next step? There is one single step that the majority of leads from all of these go through. A phone call. With the advent of online shopping it is now possible to do business with a customer that has never actually spoken to your business but for most businesses all of these sources of advertising lead to a phone call. It is this phone call that can determine whether you get the business or not.

Ensuring that you understand the 7 stages of a phone call and use proper customer management within your call handling procedures will increase your likelihood of converting each call to a paying customer.

How to track leads with revenue intelligence

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