How To Create A High Productivity Business Operating System

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June 18, 2020

Business Operating System

A Business Operating System supports your business-critical functions from marketing through to sales, production and service delivery. As such it needs to be built on rock solid behaviours and processes.

I want you to think of a Business Operating System (BOS) as the engine of your business. As such it drives your business forward, it defines how far you’ll go and how fast. It defines what it’s going to cost to get there and how easy the journey will be.

Crucially it defines your competitive advantage. If you’re not clear what your competitive advantage is, then developing your BOS will tell you. And if it doesn’t your business is on very thin ice.

Like all engines, some are built better than others. If your BOS engine is built better than your competitor’s, you will win, hands down, no arguments.

Ok, so what are the signs of a broken Business Operating System?

  1. Sluggish business performance
  2. Negative culture, a poor work-place atmosphere
  3. Staff leaving
  4. Long working hours
  5. Stress

How to create a high productivity business operating system

At the heart of a poor Business Operating System is low productivity. When business is booming, markets are strong, the sales are coming in, many companies rely on their default Business Operating System which is inherently inefficient as it relies on burning hours and using short cuts. This can seem ok as it’s how every business got started in the first place, after all.

But then a crisis hits or the market changes or a new competitor arrives and it’s game over, the Business Operating System that worked well in the good times fails because Business Operating Systems are centred around people and changing behaviours is not a quick fix.

So you already have a Business Operating System, but are you still using the default Business Operating System? If so, there’s trouble ahead.

We can help you create a high productivity business operating system through our business improvement program. We manage your business productivity with our unique productivity tools and through a combination of people, project and business management to implement the changes. At the end of the process, your business will be a learning organisation striving for operational excellence with a high productivity business operating system. Find out more.

About Paul Freudenberg

Paul Freudenberg is a business productivity coach and consultant with a focus on operational excellence delivering improved profitability and business performance, and Founder of Awardaroo in 2005. Paul has set the mission of Awardaroo to help raise UK Business Productivity from one of the lowest in the G7 to one of the highest by 2030. Connect on LinkedIn


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