10 Benefits Of Being A Less Transactional Business

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July 20, 2019

relational business benefits

Too many businesses are too transactional in the way they behave towards their customers but also their employees, suppliers and partners. This transactional culture damages profitability, employee engagement and business productivity.

Your business culture is the heartbeat of your company. If it’s not healthy the business struggles and ultimately the business fails. You need a healthy heartbeat to grow.

You can see this transactional mindset in society too; teachers measured against league tables, doctors on waiting times, the NHS on “care hours per patient per day”. How does that make a nurse feel or the patient? How does that help them get better? The amount of quality time spent with a patient is the most important part of their recovery. You can build cars like that, but not deliver patient care.

Quality time with your customers is just as important to your business.

At Awardaroo, we create relational businesses with a purpose, a strong heart, a healthy heartbeat, they engage their staff and their customers and are much more profitable.

Ten Relational Business Benefits:

  • Relational Businesses build value more easily
  • Relational Businesses create trust more easily
  • They can increase their prices
  • They can absorb market shocks more easily
  • Relational Businesses are less susceptible to boom and bust sales cycles and so can more easily increase market share
  • They innovate new ideas to stay ahead of the competition
  • They have higher staff productivity
  • They have stronger brands
  • Lower staff churn
  • They create more positive reviews

As you can see, there's minimal downsides to becoming a relational business, with many unique benefits on offer. We can help you transform from the traditional transactional approach to business, to a relational business where your employees and customers love dealing with your company. We achieve this through our business improvement programme and our unique productivity tools. Learn more.

About Paul Freudenberg

Paul Freudenberg is a business productivity coach and consultant with a focus on operational excellence delivering improved profitability and business performance, and Founder of Awardaroo in 2005. Paul has set the mission of Awardaroo to help raise UK Business Productivity from one of the lowest in the G7 to one of the highest by 2030. Connect on LinkedIn


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