Take The Guesswork Out Of Business Growth

#1 Business Improvement Programme

With The Awardaroo Business Training Programme you can increase your sales and profitability whilst working fewer hours

What is The Awardaroo Way?

Increase your business productivity, create more value and work less

Motivated Teams

Improve employee well-being and engagement to create stronger, more effective teams

Stronger Brands

Offer a more valuable service than the competition

Increased Profits

Improved business productivity drives increased business profitability

Sustainable Growth

Create a more efficient, effective business that works with the planet and people

Make Smarter Business Decisions

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We identify your core issues and fix them. Permanently.

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We help you achieve a better work-life balance with our business productivity solutions.

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We create more consistency across your business and more happiness across your teams.


I would highly recommend Awardaroo to anyone running a business where personal interaction with customers is important and where they want to improve that engagement in a meaningful and effective way.
Mitch Mitchison, General Manager
Northwood Estate Agents, Reading
I can highly recommend Paul for his business coaching skills as it goes well beyond what was originally expected. He cares about our Business, he has improved staff engagement, raised our service levels, and improved enquiry levels.
Martyn Russell, Owner
Martyn Russell Estate Agents

Social Capitalism

A business improvement programme for social capitalists to create an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria help define a company’s operations, purpose and values. Companies with an awareness of ESG criteria outperform those without as they are more attractive to staff, customers, suppliers and investors.

Environmental criteria consider a company’s stewardardship of nature. Social criteria consider the welfare of employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where a company operates. Governance deals with a company’s leadership, audits and internal controls.

The average Business Productivity Score is 63%.
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