Telephone Skills Training for Improved Call Outcomes

The telephone is the most overlooked, least productive and yet critical business tool that many companies use today. With so many competing priorities, new technologies and ways of doing business it is easy to see why the telephone gets forgotten. Telephone skills training will help develop professional phone etiquette skills with sales and customer service calls.

As the interface between sales and your market, customer services and your customers, the phone is a strategic business tool. With improved telephone customer service skills and effective telephone communication skills your staffs increased professionalism and confidence will lift your profitability and help protect your brand.

Our telephone skills training classes are tailored to your business goals and challenges and are designed, delivered and then assessed to increase your revenues and profitability.

Your staff will learn how to deal with incoming calls professionally, learn professional phone etiquette skills and develop techniques for dealing with customers politely and professionally. They will leave the course understanding the need for call ownership, how to open and close a call professionally and the telephone questioning skills needed to better understand the callers requirements or need.

Topics covered include

  1. Professional call handling
  2. Listening skills
  3. Call greeting
  4. Call closing
  5. Call development
  6. Call goal realisation and success

Telephone manner and call etiquette

  1. Developing empathy
  2. Creating a positive impression
  3. Managing transfers and putting calls on hold effectively
  4. Effective questioning

Call management

  1. Ensure systems are in place to support the calls
  2. Handling difficult customer service calls
  3. Identifying cross and up-sell opportunities
  4. Effective message taking

We start with the goal of an incoming call and how the opportunity of every call can be maximised. We consider the challenges an agent may have not just from a caller unsure of their need but also the environment within which they work.  Assessing the priority of the call in the agent’s mind can help improve engagement.

For many businesses the successful and professional management of their incoming sales and customer service calls is critical to their success and growth. Our Telephone Skills Training onsite course is not a standalone service but is integrated into your wider business.

For further information, please call 01189 145 917 for a quote on a tailored course that delivers increased revenues and profitability.