Social Media Monitoring

You’re dealing with customers when they call you and when they come into your branch but how well are you managing your customers online and via email?

We will monitor your social media activity and listen for mentions of your brand. If you’re managing your own social media we will help ensure you allocate social media responsibility correctly, that you’re listening and responding correctly to your market. We will measure your success and monitor social media mentions.

We can help you acquire real-time social marketing insights helping you to optimise the design and content of your marketing, advertising, social content strategies. This extends to emails too. We can provide email templates and send mystery emails to test response quality and response timings. Email assessments include salutation, subject line, content, tone, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, closing paragraph, signature,

We will monitor ‘word of mouth’ consumer recommendations and provide the analytics and reports needed to help protect and grow your business. By ensuring your staff engage constructively we will help you improve customer care and acquire feedback on your products and services.

Each month we will review social media trends and the implications for you using social media usage statistics and trends.

If you’re using social media channels for acquiring new customers we will look at who is influencing the influencers and at the use of social ads and how you’re using these channels to build participation and engagement via Twitter, blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.