Mystery Shopping: Ensure You Adhere To Your Own Brand Standards

Our mystery shopping service will establish if you are adhering to your own brand standards, guidelines and best practices. Whereas a customer satisfaction survey may rank you highly, your customers don’t know what standards you are looking to deliver against. They may be happy you served them at all compared to your competition. For example, your own standards may define that the customer be greeted with eye contact and within 1 min of entering your branch, their name taken with the agent engaging them warmly with a welcoming smile.

When sales levels are low or customer satisfaction levels need improving, mystery shopping can help ensure you have set the correct brands standards, effectively communicated them and identify short falls in training and employee feedback.

This information helps to create and update employee training programmes by measuring performance against brand standards.

Mystery shopping will report on the first and last impression you are creating, comment on the décor, the cleanliness and atmosphere (stressed or overly relaxed) on entering the branch, compliance against your own standards and guidelines including uniform conditions and staffing levels.

We will review the shop/branch frontage and shop/branch/reception conditions. We review staff engagement levels and service performance.

The feedback from our mystery shopping service makes your employees aware of what is important in serving customers and ensures your product or service delivery is of a very high standard. If you have multiple locations we can complete a competitive analysis between locations.

If you’re running a marketing or promotional programme we assist you in ensuring that the programme is correctly communicated and identify training needs and lost sales opportunities.

We identify for you the actions that are most likely to result in the highest return on investment. We benchmark your performance and create a programme of continuous improvement that can form part of a staff incentive programme.