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BridgeBox Call Handling Analysis

Five Reasons To Use BridgeBox

“People Don’t Do What You Expect But What You Inspect.” ..Louis Gerstner, IBM

What gets measured gets done. BridgeBox Call Handling Analysis heralds a new dawn for business owners and directors intent on driving growth from increased business productivity as well as targeted marketing campaigns. For you BridgeBox call handling analysis is an essential tool to reveal hidden business opportunities.

Would you fly a plane, drive a car, ride a bike, shoot a gun or climb a mountain without looking directly in front of you, at what is happening right now, not just at where you’re aiming? Of course not. Well, why are a lot of businesses run like that? Come down from that ivory tower, out of the office, from behind that desk and get on the frontline with BridgeBox to see what is really going on and support your teams to do better for your company. With no systems to set-up or training needed, we can parachute you in today so tomorrow you’re leading from the front, not pushing from the back.

Increase the ROI from staff learning and development investments

Sending staff on training courses, away-days or improvement courses in itself does not always generate the desired goals. Training alone is not the way to improve the customer experience. What is more important is in the understanding of how your staff apply their training in real-life situations. How much of the training did they absorb, remember and feel motivated enough by to change their behavour. BridgeBox sales and customer service call analysis will tell you just that.

Increase sales from higher conversion and logging rates

Is your best sales person selling or simply not getting in the way of the sale? How engaged, understanding and involved are your sales team with each call they take? How prepared are they and trained? Are they helping to grow your company or just paying their mortgage? You need to know! Is it an information service or a sales hot line?

Enhance customer service and minimise service calls

How many service calls should you not even be getting? How can you know?  We can tell you immediately and what to do about them. This improves customer satisfaction, reduces staff work load and bumps up your profitability.

Improve marketing results with improved metrics and insights

Most companies simply don’t know how well their marketing performs. Without any changes to systems or processes we’ll tell you. No blue sky, big picture, big sell, big ticket, the wholly grail of business, nirvana , running through fields of wheat in gay abandon needed. We’ll just tell you with minimum fuss.

Engage your staff in helping to grow your business

Your business is your staff. People buy from people. Those processes don’t write and run themselves. Your reputation is dependent on how well your teams know, like and do their jobs. And what is your biggest overhead? Today with social media, your staff are your customers. Rubbish to buy from and rubbish to work for will soon become one and the same. Consider BridgeBox call conversation analysis to help grow your business today.