On Tuesday 1st October the US Government shut down. The result – the furloughing of about 800,000 staff. This is not a regular occurrence and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, since 1976 it has happened 18 times in total. Only 2 of these occasions have lasted longer than this one has so far. The longest government shut down in 1995/6 lasted 21 days.

Luckily for the US Government, if they shut down there are no competitors ready and waiting to jump into their shoes, take on their clients and steal their market share. However, as businesses in a free economy we don’t all have this luxury. In fact the saying ‘you snooze you lose’ springs to mind. That is why we should learn valuable lessons from the US Government shut down.

Most of us will be able to relate to the situation that Obama is in (I can safely say albeit on a smaller scale). Marketing department needs the budget for marketing campaign ‘A’. Sales needs to get more people on the phones; Finance has to make the call. Substantiated evidence as to which would create the biggest impact to the bottom line is scarce. Thankfully it doesn’t usually lead to a shut down but can lead to disgruntled employees, demotivated staff, and sometimes bad decisions.

If the finance team has access to data and stats that could help them to make the decision, taking away the element of risk and removing the accusation of political implications, it could make decision making so much easier and result in substantially less fall out. By recording these calls and categorising them in accordance with outcome and topic it is easier to get hard evidence to support whether more people are needed on the phones because there are too many calls going unanswered or being lost in a busy IVR, or actually whether when marketing campaign ‘A’ ran last month it created an uplift in calls of such a percentage that it cannot be ignored. A call codifier like BridgeBox offers both the recording and the call codification that can support challenging business decision making. BridgeBox can offer businesses that security: The knowledge and Support that makes effective decision making easier and removes the risk.