5 Ways HR Can Improve Business Productivity

The power is in the team, so you’d expect HR to be one of the most important functions in any business, of whatever size. But this does not seem to be the case, HR is often seen as an overhead, a cost,  something to be minimised. And besides how do you see the value...

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A lost sale doesn’t have to be a lost opportunity

Every year at about this time, a frenzy of activity commences in businesses across the UK. People open up Excel and begin to create chart after chart, diagram after table and, at the end a beautiful new baby of a plan is born that promises, with all logic, to make...

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The five golden rules of great customer service

Are you doing everything you can to get customers to spend their money? What else could you be doing? With the summer break looming it’s time for hotels and activities companies to start reviewing whether they are doing everything they can to get customers in the...

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